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What’s Wrong in This Photo?

Last week at Dennis Moreland Tack, we discussed appropriate adjustment of the curb (chin strap or curb strap). In this image, the curb is adjusted too tightly, causing it to have consistent contact with the underside of the jaw.
This tight change is forcing the bit to remain in a backward rotation and the mouth piece to apply continuous pressure to the steed’& rsquo; s tongue, bars, and lips. The brakes are constantly on!
This can make the horse awkward and he could throw his head or set his head behind the vertical in an attempt to get away the consistent tightness. He will not have the ability to carry the bit properly when the curb is too tight.
When the curb is adjusted properly and the reins are pulled, a forward rotation of the bit occurs, which triggers the curb to tighten. In turn, this triggers the horse to drop his head and bring it more vertically, and he decreases or stops. When he does this, it releases pressure on his poll, chin and mouth. This release also happens when you launch pressure on the reins.
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Lindy Ashlock & Little Miss One Time Top Brazos Bash Derby Non-Pro

Little Miss One Time & & Lindy AshlockThe Brazos Bash saw 15 horse-and-rider groups on Saturday, Oct. 4, and right from eviction, Abilene, Texas, citizen Lindy Ashlock laid down a run to mark a score of 218 aboard Little Miss One Time, setting bench high. It ended up being the score to beat, because 14 entries later on, she was announced the Derby Non-Pro Champion.
Ashlock and the 4-year-old mare she owns with her hubby, Wes, stayed near the top in the very first and second go-rounds, marking scores of 215 and 218.5, respectively. They took the second area moving into the finals with a composite score of 433.5. Their high rating of 218 in the finals earned them a significant paycheck worth $17,000. Little Miss One Time (One Time Pepto x Puddykat x High Brow Feline), who was reproduced by Eddie and Barbara Young, of San Angelo, Texas, left the Brazos Bash with more than $54,200 on her Equi-Stat record. Ashlock’& rsquo; s own record exceeded the $980,500 mark.
The Derby Non-Pro Reserve title went to Chad Bushaw, of Weatherford, Texas, and Miss Priss Pepto (Peptoboonsmal x Prissie Feline x High Brow Cat), reproduced by Anderson Cattle Business, of Victoria, Texas, who strolled to the herd second in the draw and marked a rating of 217 to earn the title and $15,000.
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Curb Adjustment

Right curb (chin strap) change on curb or leverage bits is crucial for safety (stopping your steed) and is likewise important for correct function of not only the bit and curb however the entire bridle. A curb must be connected to the cheek piece rings or curb rings of the bit. It must never ever be attached to the snaffle rein rings on a bit with shanks and must not be too loose or too tight. In addition to security, proper curb change will certainly permit your equine to react to your cues accurately.
Curb adjustment is appropriate when the horse gets a signal from the bit as the reins are pulled (feels the bit begin to move) before the curb contacts the chin. For security be certain the curb makes contact when you pull the reins. This contact normally happens within around 3 inches of pull on the reins or an approximate 25 to 30 degree change in angle of the shanks after pulling the reins. An excellent policy of thumb: you need to be able to slip a finger or 2 between the curb and chin if adjusted properly. Always double-check prior to mounting by pulling the reins to see that the curb will make contact with the chin within 25 to 30 degrees of shank motion.
When the reins are loose (not being pulled) the curb has to lie loose. It should not make contact with the chin unless the reins are being tightened. A curb that is adjusted too tight is uneasy and could trigger your equine to toss his head or to set his head below the vertical in an effort to get away the continuous tightness. In either circumstance you lose the effectiveness of the curb.
The chain of occasions that occur once the reins are pulled or tightened:.
1. Simultaneous pressure from mouthpiece on tongue, bars, lips (and potentially roofing of mouth if utilizing a bit with a jointed mouth piece or port) and to the chin from curb.
2. Rotation of the cheek piece ring forward triggers pressure on the survey. This pressure in addition to that of the bit and curb causes a fulcrum type action to take place.
The pressure points are launched when the steed slows or stops and/if the rider launches the pull, or, as the steed’& rsquo; s head becomes perpendicular to the ground and the horse “& ldquo; brings & rdquo; the bit.
Riding with your curb properly adjusted will certainly help to make your rides much safer and to keep your steed pleased, relaxed and prepared to give you his best.
For more details on curbs types and their use go to my AQHA Post “& ldquo; Curb Your Enthusiasm: or call us at 817-312-5305.
We’& rsquo; re a full-line handmade tack manufacturer and we’& rsquo; re right here to assist you.
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Good Time & Corey Cushing Win NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open

NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Champions Good Time & & Corey CushingThe National Reined Cow Equine Association (NRCHA) Snaffle Bit Futurity Open finals, held Oct. 4 in Reno, Nev., is a sight to behold for reined cow horse fans. It is widely considereded as the most prestigious occasion for an NRCHA horseman to win. This year, Corey Cushing concluded his 2nd NRCHA Futurity Open title riding Good Time.
The One Time Pepto gelding stayed strong through all three events to protect the $100,000 win with a big composite rating of 660 (219 herd/219.5 rein/221.5 cow). Great Time (out of Dual Nurse x Dual Pep), had by Lynne Wurzer, was tied for 2nd in the herd work, tied for first in the rein work and 2nd in the cow work.
Sitting second with a 651.5 (216 herd/218.5 rein/221.5 cow) were Shiney Nu Annie (Shining Spark x Annies Nu Lena x Nu Money) and Chris Dawson. The mare earned an $80,000 paycheck for owner Wagonhound Land & & Livestock.
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Tammy Hays & Miss Prize Maker Wrap Up The Non-Pro Win In Reno

Tammy Hays & & Miss Reward MakerThe Futurity Non-Pro came to a close Friday, Oct. 3, at the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity in Reno, Nev., and 3 brand-new champions were called. From 21 competitors in the Non-Pro, it was Tammy Hays and Miss Prize Maker who took the Championship.
Miss Prize Maker (Topsails Rien Maker x Miss Colonels Prize x Smokums Reward) and Hays made a great group as they scored a 643 total amount on 3 occasions (210 herd/216 rein/217 cow) taking home a $17,762 check.
Hays likewise rode CR Wood Be N Caicos (Woody Be Tuff x Dees Cat Meow x High Eyebrow Cat) and offered Miss Reward Maker a run for her cash, but their score of 641 failed by simply 2 points. CR Wood Be N Caicos wound up 3rd and earned $11,102. Hays gathered $28,864 in finals cash.
Mike Miller piloted Firecat Flashenfever (Playboys Buck Fever x Firecat Cash x Miss N Cash money) to a composite score of 641.5 (213 herd/210.5 rein/218 cow), and declared the Futurity Non-Pro Reserve Championship, obtaining a check for $13,322. The pair also won the Intermediate Non-Pro Champion and an $8,731 check, taking home a total amount of $22,053.

Karey FranzKarey Franz brought a mare to Reno that was fairly new to her, however she was prepared to turn up the heat. LA Shinning (Shiners Lena Doc x Sugary food Kwackin Trona x Little Trona) and her owner made the finals in the Intermediate Non-Pro and the Newbie Non-Pro.
In the herd work, among Franz’& rsquo; s best events, the duo selected up a 213; nevertheless, some bobbles in the rein work earned them a 200.5, putting them behind the curve entering into the cow work.
Down the fence, Franz and LA Shinning marked a 214.5, bringing their final-round composite to a 628. That rating held for the Beginner Championship, worth $2,710, and 3rd in the Intermediate, worth $5,457.
The Amateur Non-Pro Reserve title went to Shannon McCarty and Chicaroo Kitty (Hick Chicaroo x Kat 5) after they accumulated a 624.5 total amount on 3 occasions (213 herd/205.5 rein/206 cow). That efficiency benefited a $6,534 payday, including a fourth-place finish in the Intermediate.
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Julie Jarma & Patrick Collins Share Brazos Bash Classic Non-Pro Title

Julie Jarma & & Patrick Collins • & bull; Image by Jordan HendersonTwo sets of difficult competition took control of the Brazos Bash on Oct. 3 in Weatherford, Texas, during the Classic Non-Pro finals, and efforts made by Patrick Collins and Julie Jarma ended in a Co-Championship.
Weatherford, Texas, local Jarma and her mount Shortful topped the first go-round of the Classic Non-Pro with a rating of 219. They returned to the second go and marked a 212 to make a composite rating of 431 to advance to the finals. They arised 3rd in the draw in the very first set of the finals, and marked a score of 218 to take the Co-Championship and earn $16,000.
Collins, of Lincoln, Ill., rode Oh Miss Caroline (High Brow Cat x Oh Cay Shorty x Shorty Lena). He and his homebred mare marked a first go-round score of 217.5 and a 2nd go score of 219 to top the leader board with a 436.5 moving into the Classic Non-Pro finals. Coming out sixth in the attract the first set of the finals, they put down a run to mark a score of 218 to share the Champion and earn $16,000.
Futurity Non-Pro
Eleven horse-and-rider duos contended in the Futurity Non-Pro pencil finals on Oct. 1. Riding to the herd third in the draw was Weatherford resident Chad Bushaw and his Call Me Queen B, had by Bushaw’& rsquo; s Crown Cattle ranch. The duo marked a score of 216 in the very first go-round. In the 2nd, Bushaw and Call Me Queen B marked a 211 to earn a composite score of 427, winning the Futurity Non-Pro Champion and $8,800.
The Futurity Non-Pro Reserve Championship went to Ty Moore and his mount Smooth Georgy, who marked first and second go scores of 212 for a 424 composite. They walked away with $6,700 for their accomplishment.
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Mark Arballo Pleads Not Guilty

Bella Gunnabe GiftedOn October 2, reining horseman Mark Arballo pled innocent to the felony charge of animal viciousness according to a spokesperson from the San Diego County District Lawyer’& rsquo; s office in California.
Arballo is dealing with charges from the death of Bella Gunnabe Gifted (Colonels Cigarette smoking Weapon [Gunner] x Bay Brim Hat x Hollywood Return) on September 21, 2013. The 5-year-old mare was in reining training with Arballo at the time of her death. .
A readiness conference is set for November 12, at 8:30 a.m. in San Diego, and an initial assessment is set for December 2, at 8:30 a.m. Arballo is being permitted to avoid of custody on his own recognizance. He does not have to be in court for the approaching readiness conference and can be represented by his attorney.
According to Ward Stutz, AQHA’& rsquo; s Senior Director of Type Stability, AQHA policies provides that no person will deal with any equine in a cruel or inhumane way. For violation of such policies, an AQHA member may be disciplined, suspended, fined and/or gotten rid of from AQHA, and a non‑‑ member could be refuted AQHA advantages.
Arballo is not an AQHA member, however AQHA has notified Arballo that the association has enforced restrictions on him consisting of the denial of advantages related to performing registration related transactions with AQHA and participation in any AQHA occasions.
Stutz said AQHA will remain to monitor the criminal case including Arballo.
The San Diego County District Lawyer’& rsquo; s Workplace submitted a felony animal cruelty charge against Arballo associating with the death of Bella Gunnabe Gifted after the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services turned over findings from a necropsy on the mare. .
Bella Gunnabe Gifted had life time profits of more than $8,185, according to Equi-Stat records.
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Tucker Robinson & Mo Style Top NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Intermediate Open

NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Intermediate Open Champions Mo Style & & Tucker Robinson • & bull; Image by Kelsey PecsekAt the National Reined Cow Steed Association (NRCHA) Snaffle Bit Futurity in Reno, Nev., the second and 3rd of 4 Open classes wrapped up. Tucker Robinson and Mo Style were named Intermediate Open Champions.
Robinson piloted Mo Style (Mr Playinstylish x Mo Fletch x Royal Fletch), possessed by Lisa Conley, to a massive 650 total on 3 events (217 herd/217 rein/216 cow) to protect a check for $30,000.
Mo Design and Robinson were fourth in the herd work and sixth in the cow work, however it was their second-place finish in the reining that moved them to the top. Robinson will certainly return to the pen once again with Mo Style in the Futurity Open finals on Saturday, Oct. 4. The Intermediate Open Reserve Championship went to Sumkinda Radical (Dual Rey x Sumkinda Pinkcadilac) and Mark Luis. The duo made $15,000 for owner CR Sis LLC with a 647.5 composite rating (220.5 herd/219 rein/208 cow).

NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Limited Open Champions CSR Lay Down Sally & & Bobby Lewis & bull; Image by Kelsey PecsekBobby Lewis topped the Futurity Limited Open with a 647.5 total on 3 occasions riding CSR Lay Down Sally. The 3-year-old mare marked a 213.5 out of the herd and the highest Restricted Open rein work rating, a 215, then returned in the cow work to mark a strong 219.
CSR Lay Down Sally (Dual Glow x Look At Her Glo x CD O Cody) was reproduced by Lewis and is possessed by Circle Star Land & & Cattle Co. The mare, a full sis to CSR Dual Glo, earned $12,085 for winning the Restricted Open, in addition to $400 in initial cash.
Nics 2 Shiners brought Jake Barry to the Futurity Limited Open Reserve Champion, worth $9,064 for owner Dani Nelson. The Shining Lil Nic gelding, out of the Doc N Jose mare Gretch N Jose, gathered a 642 composite score (208 herd/213.5 rein/220.5 cow).
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Erin Taormino & Cuttin Wright Up Take Level 1 Limited Open Title

NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Level 1 Limited Open Champ Erin TaorminoAs the preliminary rounds of the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Snaffle Bit Futurity, held in Reno, Nev., come to a close, the first of four Open classes finished up and crowned a brand-new victor. Erin Taormino and Cuttin Wright Up were called Level 1 Limited Open Champions.
Taormino, the homeowner trainer for Garth and Amanda Gardiner’& rsquo; s Gardiner Quarter Horses in Ashland, Kan., piloted Cuttin Wright Up (Hes Wright On x Isabellena x Quejanaisalena) to a 651.5 total amount on three events (216.5 herd/214 rein/221 cow). That performance paid $7,403.
Simply Wright Lilly, another Gardiner-owned steed, finished sixth in the Level 1 for an added $2,221. Taormino will return riding Cuttin Wright Up in the Futurity Open, Intermediate Open and Limited Open finals on Thursday, Oct. 2, and Saturday, Oct. 4.
The Level 1 Limited Open Reserve Championship gonnad Clayton Anderson riding Call Me Rey for Jason Hays. The duo earned $5,552 for their title, which they garnered with a 642 composite score (214.5 herd/212.5 rein/215 cow).

There was a three-way tie for the lead in the Open initial composite with a 656 in between Nursin a Hangover (Metallic Feline x Bet On Nurse), revealed by Corey Cushing for Mystic Shadow Farm; Big Time In Cowtown (One Time Pepto x Lil Lena Long Legs), shown by John Swales for owner Robbie McKay, and Call Me Mitch (Metallic Cat x Miss Hickory Hillside) ridden by Phillip Ralls for owner Estelle Roitblat.
The highest-scoring cow work runs in the Open preliminaries were both marked a 223. Red Carpeting Style (CD Lights x Stylish N Shiney), ridden by Sandy Collier for owner Judy Siebel, and San Juan Ranch-owned Oaks Avita (Sweet Lil Pepto x Oak N Sugs Ufo), ridden by Tucker Robinson, both protected an area in the Futurity Open and Intermediate Open finals.
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Goodbye to Texas Kicker

Texas Kicker, pictured with Penis & & Brenda Pieper & bull; Image by Harold CamptonOn Sept. 26, Prick and Brenda Pieper bid farewell to Texas Kicker. The 1987 chestnut stallion (Colonel Freckles x Angels Rosie x Mr Gold 95) was euthanized and put to rest at Pieper Cattle ranch in Marietta, Okla
. Texas Kicker debuted as a 3-year-old at the Southwest Reining Horse Association Futurity, where he finished 4th in the Open. A year later on, he was named the 1991 American Quarter Steed Association (AQHA) Junior Reining World Champion after marking a then-record 228.
The Lou and Wanda Waters-bred stallion went on to earn his Efficiency Register of Merit (ROM) from AQHA, and get approved for the 1992 AQHA World Show in Senior citizen Reining. In his restricted show profession, “& ldquo; Tex & rdquo; made a total of $4,594 and 13.5 AQHA points –– all with Dick in the saddle.
As soon as Texas Kicker showed his worth in the show pen, he moved his talents to the breeding shed, siring 46 money- and point-earners. His kids have actually garnered a complete $157,458, according to Equi-Stat, in reining, cutting, reined cow steed and barrel racing. Leading his offspring record is the 1992 Paint stallion Kick Dee Bar (out of Lara Dee Bar [PT] x Mr World [PT].
Kick Dee Bar (PT), a significant sire in his own right with 15 money-earners, generated $28,550 in reining fields. Revealed mostly by Steve Schwartzenberger and Shevin Haverty, the equine succeeded in both Open and Non-Pro compeition.
Texas Kicker’& rsquo; s second-highest money-earner, and his No. 1 reined cow equine performer, is Texata. The 1994 stallion runs out the Doc Bar mare Docata, and he built up overall performance earnings of even more than $20,000.
In addition to laying Texas Kicker to rest, the Piepers are mourning the loss of their son, Brad, after he was killed in an automobile accident on Sept. 25.

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