Australian stock horse origin

australian stock horse origin

Within centuries, people all around the world, specifically in Britain, has delighted in equine racing as an exciting recreation. Origins and history of British horse racing will certainly be exposed in this post.

Australian stock horse origin and early history

It is believed that the sport of racing equines come from Central Asia, where the first organised races happened. Horses were very first introduced to the British Isles around 1500 BC as steed racing ended up being part of spiritual and social celebrations. In certain, the Celtic goddesses Epona was recognized with horse racing.

The Development of the Thoroughbred


The type of equine made use of in a lot of expert horse races on the planet is the Thoroughbred, also referred to as the English thoroughbred. According to the International Encyclopaedia of Equine Breeds, the breed originally developed for British horse races was the small and durable Galloway, a type which is now extinct.

In the 1700’s, Galloways were crossed with many different types from the Middle East and Central Asia. The breeds utilized in British equine races gradually ended up being taller, with longer legs for a greater stride and a deeper chest for higher lung capacity. By the 1800’s, the Thoroughbred was well established, with British horse racing performed on the flat in heats of numerous miles.

The Sport of Kings


King Stephen (1135 -1154) was among the first taped English emperor to import steeds from various countries for war and for racing. There was racing in Chester, at the Roodee Fields, in 1539, during the reign of Henry VIII. Authorization for this race was provided by the Lord Mayor of Chester, Henry Gee, which is where the term “gee-gees” comes from.

King Charles II (1660 -1685) ended up being thoroughly enamoured by the early Thoroughbreds and helped to establish Newmarket, one of the major locations in British racing. Queen Anne (1702 -1714) followed this by opening Ascot racecourse in 1711.

Even today, the Royal Household takes an extreme interest in British equine racing, both on the flat and over difficulties.

Regulation of British Horse Racing


The Jockey Club was formed at Newmarket in 1750 to help set standards for the ever growing sport. In the 1800’s, they chose to close the Thoroughbred stud book. They also would not enable American-born Thoroughbreds to be imported into the UK for worry of their not being purebreds. This policy was rescinded in 1949.

Considering that June 2007, British steed racing has actually been governed by the British Horseracing Authority, a merger of 2 bodies, the British Horseracing Board and the Horseracing Regulatory Authority, which previously held the governing and regulatory authority for the sport respectively.

Australian stock horse origin and contemporary times


Racing today is popular all around the UK, and is ending up being a lot more easily accessible for people who would not generally have actually gone to view race meetings. In addition, numerous race courses provide corporate amusing in order to provide a fantastic days racing for people and business alike.

If you’re looking for a day out with a difference, or somewhere various to take your clients, why rule out a Australian stock horse origin race meeting?

australian stock horse history

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