Should You Unfasten Your Flank Cinch or Breast Collar First?

For this week’s Tack Talk, Dennis Moreland Tack really wants to know —– should you unfasten your flank cinch or bust collar initially? Unsaddling is a breeze —– simply reverse the order you saddled.
1. If you’& rsquo; re using a bust collar the bust collar chest strap is unsnapped from the cinch dee first.
2. The near side (left) breast collar yank is unbuckled from the saddle dee or the bust collar dee on the saddle. The off-side (right) yank continues to be connected to the off-side dee or the bust collar dee on the saddle. The bust collar can now be laid thoroughly over the saddle seat from the off side.
3. The flank cinch is unbuckled next. Launch it slowly so the buckle doesn’& rsquo; t strike your equine when it swings down. 4. The cinch is always unfastened last. If unfastened prior to either the breast collar or the flank cinch and your horse spooks or shakes the saddle may slip onto his side or under his tummy. This might trigger a storm! As you loosen the cinch run your left hand behind the latigo, surface launching the cinch from the latigo gradually and just as it releases entirely fold the latigo in half and bring the fold backwards through your saddle dee. Now it’& rsquo; s prepared to go with your next ride.
After both cinches are unfastened transfer to the off side of your horse to secure them to your saddle’& rsquo; s cinch caretaker. To do this bring both cinches together and towards you. Position the rear cinch buckle on top of the front cinch buckle and put the front cinch buckle tongue with the rear cinch buckle. Next run the cinch keeper through the buckles and thread the tongue through the caretaker. By doing this you’& rsquo; ll make sure your cinches won’& rsquo; t drag on the ground when you’& rsquo; re lugging your saddle.
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