Return To The Remuda Hits Million-Dollar Sales Mark

Picks Gun cost $17,500. The Return to the Remuda Sale, held at the historical 4 Sixes Cattle ranch in Guthrie, Texas, Oct. 11, reached a brand-new sale turning point –– a million-dollar sale day. The annual fall sale is produced in collaboration between the Four Sixes Cattle ranch, Pitchfork Land & & Cattle Co., Tongue River Ranch, Beggs Cattle Co. This year, Circle Bar Ranch also consigned equines to the sale.
Three of the ranches are winners of the AQHA Finest Remuda Award, which acknowledges the foundation that ranch horses laid for the American Quarter Horse. In addition to offering some of the finest ranching-bred horses in the market, the sale likewise acts as an unofficial reunion for American Quarter Equine lovers. The weekend began at the Pitchfork Land & & Cattle Company on Oct. 10 with sale equine presentations, a night meal and live music.
This year’& rsquo; s Return to the Remuda Sale provided 142 quality horses from the Pitchfork Land & & Cattle Business, 4 Sixes Cattle ranch, Tongue River Cattle ranch, Beggs Cattle Company and Circle Bar Cattle ranch. The one-day sale grossed more than $1,000,000. Aged geldings, fancied for their ranch foundation start and tested work record, averaged $16,283, and 2-year-old geldings balanced $8,393. The consolidated sale average of all equines offered was $7,730.
Saturday morning began with the ranches supporting the American Quarter Steed Foundation with a benefit auction that included products such as tailor-made his-and-her buckle sets, stimulates, director’& rsquo; s chairs and a knife showcasing the Return to the Remuda cattle ranch brand names. .
The yearly Return to the Remuda sale supplies the chance to purchase steeds from legendary ranches that have actually been refining and improving American Quarter Horses for more than a century. These sale equines lug the bloodlines of generations of equines, whose ranch skills, intelligence and athletic capability today still means success in the field or on the cattle ranch. .
“& ldquo; We had a fantastic sale with one of the largest crowds on hand in recent times,” & rdquo; said Dr. Glenn Blodgett, 4 Sixes Ranch Horse Division Supervisor. “& ldquo; We had a lot of quality purchasers from across the nation and Mexico. The need for talented ranching-bred steeds is noticeable by the sale reaching the million-dollar mark for the first time.”&
rdquo; Registered bidders came from 24 states and Mexico. A purchaser’& rsquo; s incentive was supplied by the participating ranches, who jointly contributed a customized saddle made by Ken Raye’& rsquo; s Custom-made Saddlery that was raffled off following the last consignment in the sale. Buyers got an entry into the drawing for each horse that was acquired. Firth Cattle Business of Malad, Idaho, was the fortunate winner.

4 Sixes Cattle ranch, Guthrie, Texas, 1993 AQHA Finest Remuda Award Winner .
The 4 Sixes’ & rsquo; history go back to 1864 when Captain Samuel “& ldquo; Burk & rdquo; Burnett started the cattle ranch. AQHA bestowed the inaugural Heritage Award on the cattle ranch in 1997 to acknowledge 50 consecutive years of reproducing American Quarter Horses. In 1994, the 4 Sixes Ranch got the very best Remuda Award for its impressive band of working cow steeds that tend countless the cattle ranch’& rsquo; s cattle. The 4 Sixes is “understood for & ldquo; Horses with a History; Brand names with a Background.”&
rdquo; Pitchfork Land & & Cattle Business, Guthrie, Texas, 1998 AQHA Finest Remuda Award Winner.
Its heritage and stature position the Pitchfork Land and Cattle Business amongst a handful of fantastic American ranches. The Pitchfork’s operations span around 180,000 acres in two states and more than a century of continuous operation primarily under one household. The Pitchfork stands as a testimony to those who have enjoyed the land and its cattle and to those who have actually dedicated their lives to making it among the finest ranches on the planet.
Tongue River Cattle ranch, Dumont, Texas, 2011 AQHA Finest Remuda Award Winner .
Tongue River Ranch still concentrates on many of the traditions that were utilized by the Swenson’& rsquo; s Ranches in 1898. Cowboys still head out for the day on horseback. A day’& rsquo; s work involves means. Tongue River Cattle ranch takes fantastic pride in protecting the land for future generations to come. Continuing custom and maintaining history is a lifestyle not a job at Tongue River Cattle ranch.
Beggs Cattle Company, Fort Worth, Texas.
Today, the Beggs Cattle Company raises industrial cattle and American Quarter Horses. The ranching business is still done the conventional method using equines. Preserving and protecting the Western heritage earned Beggs Cattle Company the Charles Goodnight Award in 2005, and the ranch was awarded the American Quarter Steed Association’s Tradition Award in 2003. They started raising steeds in the early 1900s long prior to there was an association or computer system registry.
Circle Bar Ranch, Truscott, Texas.
The Circle Bar Cattle ranch was started in 1982 by Jerry Bob and Eugenie Daniel. The cattle ranch lies on 43,000 acres near Truscott, Texas, in between the north and south Wichita Rivers in northern Knox County. The cattle ranch is a household operation, and Daniels are both descendants of Texas ranching households.

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