Australian Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)

Australian Quarter Horse Association

The Australian Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)

The Australian Quarter Horse Association was incorporated in 1972 and for many years has expanded to serve a quickly growing and diverse industry. In addition to preserving the breed through registration guidelines and record keeping, the AQHA is likewise devoted to serving each of its Members. So with roughly 7,000 new registrations every year, AQHA’s function remains to broaden.

Whether Australian Quarter Horses are still being utilized in standard grazing operations, sporting disciplines such as Western Pleasure, Cutting, Reining or Working Cowhorse, the Australian Quarter Horse continues to escalate in popularity.

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Service provision by the Australian Quarter Horse Association

Support for the Australian Quarter Horse Association can be found in more standard locations like Pony Club, Hacking, Dressage, Program Jumping, Polo, Polocrosse and through its natural cattle sense, Campdrafting. The AQHA strives to provide programs and services helpful to all Members and ultimately the Australian Quarter Horse.

Contact details for the Australian Quarter Horse Association

  • Lot 13 Jack Smyth Drive, HILLVUE NSW 2340
  • PO Box 979, Tamworth NSW 2340
  • Phone: 02 6762 6444
  • Fax: 02 6762 6422

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