Quarterhorse Brands

Quarterhorse brands and markings provide identification to owners. Quarterhorse brands can be used in the following circumstances:

  1. Near shoulder;
  2. Off shoulder;
  3. rear;

Quarterhorse Brands in Australia

In Australia, branding is not obligatory in all states, though it is a requirement of most breed societies, likewise any equine planned for public sale needs to be branded whether signed up or not. Either fire or freeze branding can be used, with freeze branding being much less cruel, also simpler to check out because the brand names seldom wind up a blurred mess. Freeze branding is now the only approach utilized by the majority of the significant type organizations.

Registration of Quarterhorse Brands

Brand names should be signed up with the Department of Primary Industries. There are guidelines governing their size and position and no 2 homes in the exact same geographical area can have the same brands. The standard stock brand name is 3 piece, but steeds can be branded with a smaller sign brand name signed up simultaneously. Some types have their own brand, e.g., Warmbloods and Australian Stock Equines.

Quarterhorse Brands

Correct placement of Quarterhorse Brands

In addition to a stock or symbol brand name, the majority of signed up horses will carry number brands, commonly called drop numbers or age characters. There are generally two, one below the other, indicating the year of birth and an approximate foal number. Frequently steeds are branded on the near or off shoulder with the age characters underneath, or the numbers could be on the opposite shoulder. Other appropriate branding positions consist of the thigh and quarter. Station horses in some cases carry brand names in unusual positions, such as under the saddle or on the neck.Standardbreds have their own special system of freeze branding called the alpha angle system, which uses the corners of a square in addition to horizontal and vertical double dashboards to show numbers from 0 to 9. Standardbreds are branded on the crest of the neck, according to their registration number.

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