quarter horse registered names

Each Quarter Horse for which registration is applied, must be given by its owner, a name acceptable to the Association which does not conflict with any other animal registered or recorded with the Association either living or dead.

Australian Quarter Horse Registered Names

  • The Association reserves the right to refuse absolutely any name it deems unacceptable or inappropriate.
  • The name shall not exceed twenty-five (25) characters including spaces. Numerals and any form of punctuation are not acceptable
  • It is recommended that prefixes be used wherever possible as part of the registered or recorded name of the horse if a prefix has been applied for and accepted by the Association

Is it possible to change Quarter Horse Registered Names?

The name of a horse once registered may not be changed.

Quarter Horse Registered Names

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The Australian Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) maintains the database of Australian Quarter Horse Registered Names in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia.

Quarterhorse Brands

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