Quarter Horse Stallion

quarter horse stallion

As numerous string musicians know, the hair from an equine’s tail has numerous uses. And often, a look for it will certainly yield references to “stallion horsetail hair.” So exactly what’s the big deal about stallion hair? Is it various in some way?

Quarter Horse Stallion

Well, first it is necessary to define our terms, and discover a bit more about stallions.

Basically, a quarter horse stallion is a male horse that has actually been neither sterilized nor castrated. In the US and Canada, many male equines are gelded, or castrated, resulting in a kind of male horse called a gelding. Many equestrian activities make use of geldings instead of stallions, given that stallions are generally harder to regulate, and exhibition hormone-driven aggressive tendencies. Geldings are calmer and can easily stay in the same herds as mares and other geldings. Stallions are kept as reproducing stock, separate from the herd.

But there are lots of other equestrian cultures on the planet; internationally, the practice of gelding isn’t as widespread as in North America. In many parts of Asia and the Middle East, stallions are trained and ridden. And this is where much of the very best horsehair comes from.

This hair is made use of for arts and crafts, however usually it’s made use of by luthiers, artisans who make violins, cellos and other stringed instruments. The hair is made use of for the instruments’ bows, and strung in between the bow’s pointer and its “frog,” which keeps the horsetail hair in place.

The genuine secret behind stallion tail hair is that it’s essentially the like hair from a mare’s or gelding’s tail. So why would any business reference that it’s offering stallion hair?

Simple. The very best hair comes from the tails of Mongolian equines; coming as it does from such an ancient bloodline in such a dry and hostile environment, it’s finer, even more elastic and fares much better in dry climates.

However Mongolian breeders don’t geld steeds; they keep absolutely nothing but mares and stallions. And all of the hair comes from the tails of male equines. So when people make use of the term “stallion horsetail hair,” they’re probably describing hair from the Quarter Horse Stallion.


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